My feelings haven’t changed much since:

I still favor if nudity is shared by all individuals present. I’m more open minded, however, about fabrics accompanying their nudist friend or S/O; if they’re cool with me, I’m cool with them.

The two scenarios I presented, I also comprehend, were a bit exceptional. In the first, we were a group of bare people who had just spent the whole week end totally bare; and here walks in a completely dressed lady!

We continue publishing stories shared by our female subscribers – young fkk girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time

Which sort of broke up the nude vibe we were all loving.
The 2nd situation was genuinely a “chickening out” scenario. My pal, or so she said, meant to join me but totally froze up (self- kicked in). She had no rational explanation for it; but I believe it’s to do with the entire “simpler to be nude among strangers than with a friend/relative” matter. Her daughter came in the graphic merely a while after, asking why we weren’t bare; her mother explained that she had chickened out. Which caused her to additionally chicken out and return with a bathing suit on!

Ever since then, I have found myself in an “only nude person in the room” scenario once or even twice. In those scenarios, it did not bother me because those were people who normally went bare, just not in that special situation. One was on a chilly morning at the resort; sarongs and T shirts everywhere except me. The way I looked at it: “I didn’t merely drive 90 miles to keep my clothes on! No way!” Another time, I was around at a friend’s house and he encouraged me to make myself comfy. Why was that different from my second scenario? My nudity didn’t change him as had my pal. No worries; no intrusion? Then no difficulty.

First one I tried was the Therma Europa Centre in the heart of Berlin.

Cost was 18Euro for a total day pass, which is good value I believe. I went on a Saturday and stayed for about 8 hours. The changing rooms are seperate for male and females. In the main complex there’s a pool, 4 saunas, 2 steam rooms, hot and cold spas, and a pub and restaurant. Plus there’s additionally places outside where you are able to swim and relax. The clientelle really is pretty much 50/50 men and females, and of all ages. Girl come here either by theirselves, with friends, or with partners – unlike the UK where a large proportion of girls who visit are with a partner. Everybody who goes in the sauna or steam room is fully naked(unlike these UK places where a lot of folks keep themselves wrapped in a towel) and lots of people just walk about the complex naked(though in the restaurant and bar area you have to wear a bath robe). And also unlike these UK places, there is no perving or “swinging” going on. Everyone here is here because they love using the sauna, hot tub, and swimming pool. I truly loved my time there. This is the kind of place I Have been looking for a lengthy time. It was quite active on the day that I went.

Then on the day which I returned back to the UK I had a little bit of time to spare, so I went along to the Sauna Garten in Blub, at Buschkrugallee 64. Was not that easy to find the real area itself. I needed to enter the Hotel reception and ask, who pointed me to the different side of the car park. Afterward I couldn’t spot it easily, because there was no clear signs at the entry to say that this was a sauna complex, there was just a sign(can not remember what it said) to signal that this was the entrance to a pub.

We continue releasing stories shared by our female subscribers – young fkk girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time
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Anyhow, guessed in and found this was indeed the sauna. The cost was 18Euro for up to FOUR hours, or 20Euro for a day pass. As I only had just over 2 hours to spare however, I went for the 4 hours choice. All quite fine interior. The changing room is unisex. Afterward in the key place there’s 6 saunas, and 2 steam rooms – all of fluctuating temperatures and styles. Plus there is a small swimming pool, sanatariam, and relaxation area. Again, everyone naked in the sauna and steam rooms – none of this silly towel wearing business. A good number of people walk around the intricate nude. Didn’t seem to be quite as balanced a blend of sexes here though(on this occasion anyway), perhaps about 62% males/38% females at my rough estimate. went on a Tuesday afternoon between 3 and 5pm. There was probably only about 30 people here at that point. I anticipate it would have got a little more active later that evening after I ‘d gone. I was unhappy to have to leave the area! As with the Therma Europa Centre, I found this sauna completely brilliant. And I would see again if/when I am next in Berlin.

If just they’d spots such as this in England. It’d be excellent to visit one each week to relax nude. Instead all we get here(apart from the united kingdom festival saunas which are highly recommended) are these pitiful seedy “naturist health Spas” which are dominated by perverts and swingers(due to the inclusion of “play rooms” upstairs), and a mainly male clientelle. Never ever again will I pay to see those areas again – The price I pay(paid) for those(?15 for Bristol Gardens, ?18 for Rio’s) will pay for half the price of a return plane ticket to Berlin! paid merely ?35 for my flight to Berlin from London Stansted.

I look forward to returning to Berlin or elsewhere in Germany later this year, and spending a day or two nude at any of these outstanding sauna complexes again.

German Saunas = completely dazzling!!

UK Saunas = completely rubbish

Several years ago, when I was just beginning to

explore social nudism, I was travelling across for a meeting or something. My route took me quite close to a nudist resort that I Had needed to see. So I called ahead and arranged for a tour. I pulled off the primary highway, and down the ever increasingly smaller road. I was not wearing much to start with, and pulled off the rest about half way down the little road. Finally I reached the entrance, and pulled in to a parking space in front of the office.

Since this was a nudist resort, I saw no need for clothes, and got out of the car, and walked into the office fully nude. I walked in to locate the guy behind the desk was clothed, as well as the two couples in line ahead of me. I felt really NEKKID! He ended with the first couple and we smiled at each other as they departed. The man asked if I was the one there for the tour. He said there would be someone here shortly. I was a little nervous, but no one appeared to care that I was nude.

A couple of instants later, I heard something outside the doorway, and turned to look. In walked a family of five. Husband and wife, with their three children two boys and a girl that were between 18 and . All five of them were fully naked and barefoot just like me. It made me feel a lot better. My tour guide showed up shortly after that, and we were gone.

It turned out to be a peculiar experience, but I remember it well.

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A couple of years back, after graduating high school, we went on a graduation visit to St. Martin

, an island in the Caribbean. We were 5 men and 4 girls, all single. The shores there are incredible, notably Orient Beach. The topless girls kinda help also! Sadly, not one of the girls we were with took off their tops. Yet.
On the next day, we decided to walk of the beach and go check out the nude section and see what all the hype was about. Once we arrived at the Orient Club, which is the nudist section basically, a guy from our group indicate that we go in and do as the others, without clothes!! After a couple of laughs and giggles, my friend takes off his swim trunks and 1 minute after, everybody is bare as a worm. Now, not getting an erection was the enormous challenge here, since the girls were pretty hot naked and having of them compliment me on my cock just made things worst!

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lol I tried to think of pain, 98yo naked girls, a pitbull as well as my last trip to the dentist. It somewhat worked until we all determined to lay down on some towels.
Seeing the girls bending over was just too much so I decided to go take a swim in the ocean. They soon all followed me. Subsequently after a little while, we got out and thankfuly, after spending some time concentrating hard on other matters, I was limp again. Kinda. But now my pal, who’ll remain nameless , was challenging and didnt want to leave the water!! lol Nobody needed to help him out with a towel so he needed to come out, pretty embarrassed!
Laughing, but understanding I could be next, I had the great concept of telling them that since sunlight is really powerful maybe we should cover up before we get sunbruns in certain unsuitable areas! So that was my nudist encounter! When it comes to rest of the excursion, it went very well I had sex with 2 of the FOUR girls from our group which was one more than I anticipated.

Well yesterday I finally had the chance to bare the nat- ural, and walk into the sun. To swim carefree in this world. in para- dice.

The shores in the sun.

We continue publishing stories shared by our female subscribers – young fkk girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time
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The feeling of the air on my body and the coolness of the clear clean salt waters of the carabean ocean were beyond words. to walk in the most natural and free way possible, like it was supposed to be be. With no spirit to care. their were hundreds others approximately
but they also were swimming carefree in this amazing place, observing schools of fish swim by, and speaking to every other like they were best friends. Others were outside walking on the fine white sands of the seashore. We were talking and unashamed, floating and swimming easily in the wonderful blue waters of the bay, the sun warming us with its extreme life giving rays from above. Gone were the issues I have had in yesteryear using a swimsuit filling up with air and sand and binding in the worst potential of ways. It was amazing not to need to sit in a soggy swimsuit for a change. Walking down the shore could not have been simpler because even though we all looked a little different, we were all really the same, without any racial, social or sexual barriers to beat.
My wife on the other hand was a bit uncomfortable to say the least. Inside my heart I know she would have loved it if she’d have tried it, but there were too many issues for her to conquer before she could vindicate discarding her body armor. In case you like you could blame it on age, you can blame it on her self image. You could say it is the taboos someone has drilled into her head for years, that the body is bad, and seeing it’s a sin,or something. ( don’t really know anywhere that this is backed up by facts!)
You could say she’s a little set in her ways or headed. You could say she just believed nude was indecent and lewd, and always sexual in content. I have to acknowledge I believe it is a shame that 90% of the worlds people are driven by these same miss guided principles. I guess I’m blessed to join the 10% or so who may be a little more amenable to these not so new ideas.
The Natural One

We chose to go to – – in Lutz, Florida (Near Tampa).

After reading the board plus a number of private emails from members we determined this might be the finest “positive” environment to give nudism a try. (My boyfriend has been a nudist for a while)
When you drive up there is a big gate and privacy fencing all around. There is a gaurd at the gate who steers you to the main office. We went in and signed in, we had a reservation. Our house for the weekend was a wonderful Condo with an excellent loft, and an additional bedroom. It was kind of un nerving seeing nude people walking around! There was a tennis court where individuals were playing tennis au-natural. I really had a case of the shys at first. My boyfriend was very understanding, yet he got undressed right away like nothing was wrong… I undressed, but felt so much better having a large towel around me….
We went for a walk. Fantastic sunny warm day. They’ve a tremendous pool where there were quite a couple of people swimming, children, old folks etc. There was a great water volleyball game going on that was quite a bit of fun to watch.
There is a pub and grill there where we halted and had an ice tea and only kind of observed. Everyone was really nice, and after awhile I basicly felt more out of place with all the towel about, so basicly I just “lost the towel” It was really a “freeing” minute. It was pleasant to sit down by the pool in the lounge chairs and get that all over tan. No one leered at me, in fact we just sort of blended right in. I felt very comfortable.
We spent most of that day sitting by the pool, swimming and sipping ice tea. drove into town to get a steak, genuinely entertaining restraunts near. When we came back we disrobed and went to the hot tubs. They’ve two there. One which is extremely hot and a longer one which is warm. That bathtub had lots of people there merely talking. There was music from a lounge there, however we didnt go in, weren’t just bar type individuals. But it seemed everyone was having an enjoyable time dancing and loving the music.
We talked with several extremely nice folks. One couple had come over from England for a week at – -. This was their fifth visit, which they do annual.

We continue releasing stories shared by our subscribers that are female – young naturist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time
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On sunday we pretty much just relaxed. We took a canoe outside, bare of course and paddled all around this amazing quiet lake. Watched closely for gators, though did not see one, yet I ‘m not one to take a chance!
Had lunch in the poolside grill, excellent hamburgers. The gift shop there was truly exceptional. Had some really tasteful body jewelry and scarves and wraps and such. I picked up this extremely quite pink coverwrap. And of course the – – T shirt!!
All in all I had AN EXCELLENT experience and can not wait to go back. Or maybe hit a nude beach! Thank You so much to everyone here for all of the encouragement and . Ill be watching the board for information on additional resorts and beaches!

I actually don’t believe it was brave, but I locked myself out

of the house once and was bare outside in . It was great outside so I couldn’t stay out too long and wait for my wife to get home from work. The hide a key was out front and it was in the midst of the day. Had to go around front and get the key.

I might have run but decided simply to walk quickly. Got the key and ended up injuring myself in the procedure. Should have hid a key in the backyard.

After I posted this answer I thought of one courageous thing I did do. About 3-4 years ago, we went to our nude beach. We’d been there several times alone. We hadn’t met anyone yet and there was these two couples, one of the couples had their 3 kids with them. They were sculpting a mermaid in the sand. When they were nearly ended I went down and looked over and told them I had a polaroid camera in my back pack and also would shoot a picture and provide it to them when they had like.

I could have been questioned why I had a camera or camera-less, they could have thrown it in the ocean, nevertheless they liked me, so I shot the picture, gave it to them and we are good friends with them today. The girls really helped my wife feel better about social nudism so it all turned out amazing.

For the longest time, my nudity has been limited to my house, backyard, or remote areas with no one else about.

Back in May, I was working a job in Alabama and had a 5-day weekend for Memorial Day. I’d done lots of study on the net about “clothes Elective” beaches and naturist/naked clubs and had read about Haulover Beach, so decided to go there for my first time.
So, I made the trip down there, but after checking into my hotel (which SHOULD have been fairy close to Haulover) I realized I did not have internet for directions so I only walked down the beach. Naturally, I did not locate it. The next day I DID find it. (Got great directions this time.) The parking area was arcoss the street from the shore and there was an underpass for pedestrians. When I got to the high shrubbery (to block the view rom the traffic) I saw a sign that said “You May Strike Nude Sun Bathers Beyond This Point”. Right behind the sign proved to be a naked guy taking a shower, so I figured I was in the proper location.
Well, I took my cooler, chair and towel to the beach, found a nice area and set things up. After everything was set up, I took off shirt and shoes. So now I’m standing there in front of and I said to myself, “Well, this is what you came for. It’s now or never.” And with that, I lost the shorts and folded them up with the remainder of my clothes. So now I’m standing on the seashore, completely naked fpor the first time. What a feeling.
I spend a couple of hours there (as the preceding day was wasted on a wild goose chase) before I needed to hit the road. But on the way out, I got a flyer that talked about Apollo Beach.

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Because it was on the way, I chose to stop by and check it out. It turned out to be a good drive off the interstate, but I made it, stripped down and spent a few more hours in the buff.
After the occupation in Alabama ended, I went back to California and decided to see as many clothing optional beaches as I could before the next occupation started up. So now I’m hooked, just like almost everyone else on this particular site.

My lovely wife and I and 6 other couples which are good buddies have been going to the

Burningman Festival in the Black Rock Desert of Northern Nevada since 1997.

It’s not billed as clothes optional but it’s…nudity is as accepted as it’s expected. The crowd this year will be about 50,000 individuals and during the day around 20% will be free family nudist pictures and around 60% will be at least partially naked. The percentage of naked people is higher in the early mornings before people get in their costumes. Naked people are fully tolerated and, actually, not even discovered considerably as the costumes that so lots of people wear are so creative and incredible as is the giant graphics and fire-art which is what the event is really all about.

The occasion isn’t for url . You camp in a very harsh desert for a week and everything you have to eat, drink and stay healthy and comfy have to be brought in by you…nothing except ice and java is for sale on the desert. The people that handle the event need first-timers to read their “Survival Guide” so that no one shows up unprepared for the states.

The folks in our group bring some amazing costumes, as do most attendees, but we also go around naked when we’re just seeing the artwork.

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Burningman is most likely THE largest combination of clothed and nude people in the world during the week it runs. (From 1 week before Labor Day to Labor Day.) We can actually say that we’ve never had, seen or even heard of any negative comments or reactions to the nudity from the cloths at the occasion.

For a long time, I was very interested in becoming a nudist

, but was very scared of what my parents might think about it. I am 22 now, but I’ve liked going naked ever from the time that I was about 18.

We continue releasing stories shared by our subscribers that are female – young fkk girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time
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After reading this site, I decided to finally just take a chance and see what happened. One day after school, I came home and took everything away. Nobody was home yet, so I took time to pump myself up. I sat on the couch and watched television, waiting for my parents to get home. I was nervous for a while, but eventually just got involved in the TV and almost forgot about me being naked. Eventually, my mom arrived home. I was very scared as she walked in.
I expected her to freak out. She did give me a bit of a strange look and asked me “Why don’t you have any clothing on?” It was really hot that day so I simply said that I could not bear the heat, so I only took everthing off. She said “acceptable” and walked away. I could not believe it. my father came home a little while later with basically the same reaction. was so happy that I had made it so far. I made the decision to stay bare for as long as I could until young nudist video said something. I even ate dinner bare that night.
Later on, I discovered my mom was looking at me strange. she was staring at my butt. I thought “Uh oh, here it comes, she is going to tell me to get dressed.” Instead she said “You should probably sit on a towel in the event you are going to go nude. You’ve marks in your behind with that chair you were sitting on. I laughed and told her okay.
After that night, I discussed with my parents about nudity and they said I can go naked at home with just them whenever I need, but should get dressed when others come over. I am good with that, that is more than I ever hoped for!! Well, that’s my story and incidentally, this site rocks! thank you!