I am not sure how to pick one experience as my first,

because I’ve had nudist encounter over my life which did not actually seem like nudist encounters.
At about 8, my father, uncle and myself spent a weekend at a “fishing hole’ – no cabin, but a mobile home outside in the woods. On the second day of heat and zero fish capturing, we went for a swim to my surprise, in the nude. It was fantastic, it was exhilarating and it made my father and uncle look so ‘wild and awesome’. That occurred a few times over a couple of years.
My father passed away when I was 12. That following summer, my mom let me spend about two months with my uncle, aunt, cousins to sort of let me regroup as she was dealing with a lot of the consequences. My uncle/aunt weren’t nudists, nor even clothing optional – only relaxed. They had a pool and skinny dipping was the standard (two cousins, boy and girl younger than me). Many times we’d drift in the house still bare, which after all my encounters outside, looked just exhilarating.
My mother and I moved to a house in a crowded suburb two years later, but it had a privacy fence and pleasant small in-ground pool. I would get home from school about two hours before she came home from work. Naturally, I skinny-dipped continuously, and once autumn and winter arrived, would go bare a couple of hours every single day in. The following summer when we opened the pool, I was always permitted to have friends over, and two of my closest friends (male) started skinny dipping. There was always an extra sense of freedom when going nude with others.
I eventually started to boldly swim in the early morning, to begin the day the very best possible way, knowing my mom was still in the house. It was not so much that I was being more daring, more that I was just more comfortable, and wanted not to be ‘stealing’ around in the nude. She saw me skinny dipping several times, as the kitchen window looked right out to the pool and backyard.

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At first, I was naturally nervous, but she never made a big issue of it, requesting me that first time had I outgrown my swimming trunks as I ‘d come in wrapped only in a towel. One afternoon after school was out, I came home from summer league softball and she was outside by the pool. I simply thought ‘what the heck’ and went out with my towel and jumped in. It was a non-event, because after I left the pool and sat across from her, we began talking about my father, and her telling me how he loved going naked. It could have been the first, truly genuine dialogue about my dad we had since he died.
The following morning, I stopped at the kitchen and asked if she needed to join me for a swim. She said she’d be out later and she did. After what was bluntly lots of nervous energy diving and swimming in the pool, everything was only tranquil and totally open. We spent about four hours talking about my dad, our family, buddies, then films, music and things I would never think to only ‘chat’ about with my mom. It was sort of an overcast day, along with a drizzle put an end to the time that had flew by to our astonishment. I said I loathed we had to go in, and she merely picked up my towel with her stuff and went indoors. We spent the remainder of the day inside in a fresh routine of liberation.
Once I got my driver’s license, and her work became more demanding, we rarely spent time together, and even when we did, it was http://x-nudism.com/demo1.php to relax in the nude it looked, so it sort of just stopped other than rare times or early in the morning routine.
So, there are three instants in time for me, and I don’t even consider them my first encounter. That would be at college, http://episodes.x-nudism.com in school, but this is another story and I’ve all ready defined the idea of ‘long winded’.

Ah, nudists! Over the years I Have grown to actually enjoy nudists and nudist

hangouts in general. Now, as a young kids, closer to infancy, I remember we consistently made like Tommy from the Rugrats and constantly stripped our clothes away. Our parents ran round the house trying to pick up the articles of clothing as we ran by them, tossing off something else. (Eventually they recorded all our clothing on with duct tape and then further fixed us to our high chair with said tape. Your parents didn’t tape you? Oh, well then I might’ve only been one of the lucky ones. Oh I jest, calm down) As a
Kid, I had to go through http://x-nudism.com , then the difficult decision of trying to figure out who to live with. Initially, I lived with my mom for a couple years. I still remember all the various roommates we’d living with us homosexual, straight, male or female, people from many walks of life. For that I thank her because I grew up being socially well-rounded with many different belief systems and lifestyles around me. One roommate, whom I still have as a good friend in my entire life, was a gentleman (whom well call George) who practiced nudism. Well, not that you’ve got to “practice being naked” since we all are under our clothes anyhow, but people who prefer that lifestyle do tend to discard those outer garments a lot! To his credit, instead of only being naked on a regular basis, he consistently made sure that it would be fine with all the other roommates including my mother, my sister and I, before he seemed undressed, so that everybody in the house wouldnt be too disturbed when he was “practicing his lifestyle.” Of course as a young girl, the sight of a naked man running round the house can be something of a giggle, but because of how I had been brought up, I wasnt troubled by it. as soon as I wanted to have non-nudist friends over, I’d be sure to inform him so ahead of time and he would promptly go throw on a set of short pants without a grievance. So the system we had in the family worked just fine.
My mom was very openly enthusiastic about nudity also, along with all those other taboo topics that come up awkwardly when youre a teen when discussing with your parents. To her credit, instead of waiting until my sister and I reached our teenager years, she made sure that we knew about different things that go on in other peoples houses, behind closed doors, and even in our dwelling not that being nude was a huge thing. ( I have no doubt if our President and his staff ran around naked, the countrys reaction would be one of complete acceptance!)] Mom was a “not everywhere, not all the time” nudist, meaning she liked to hang out at home nude, run across the backyard nude, but not run around a nudist park. Societal nudity outside with several hundred other folks merely wasnt her thing.
It was, however, Georges thing, and he belonged to a local nudist resort and spent most weekends there. I recall asking him about the area and he always replied enthusiastically about it as being nice and also a fun place, but I wasnt quite ready yet. He made a standing invitation for my mother, my sister and I to go whenever we decided it was time, but he would not do so without my moms written permission and with everyone’s entire knowledge of what the conduct rules were there. Eventually, perhaps a year later, my mom and sister did go with him, and enjoyed the experience very much. But by then I had moved out as well as lived with my dad and stepmom and was being raised in a rather sheltered, religious kind of manner. This entire nudist matter didnt look sinful, but modesty was drilled into my head, so I was less receptive to the notion of being nude around others until a couple of years later.

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Afterward came the “Great Rebellion of Age Fourteen,” and one day while hanging out at my mothers house I finally got the guts to ask George if I really could go with him to this nudist resort and see what all the fuss was about. We both made sure it was fine with my mother, and it was, so away we went to the nudist park! Being the shy, clumsy child I was, I did not run around chucking my clothes right away. Rather, I think the first couple of times I fastened myself in the pool and scarcely left it, except maybe to play a game of badminton. (Yes,I played badminton as a kid. You did not? Gosh you really missed out! Oh yes, so back to nude badminton…) It wasnt that I was uncomfortable in the area, because everyone was really pleasant and supportive. I guess I played badminton to avoid staring at people. It is hard not to stare at fifty or so people lounging about like lizards in the sun without a shred of clothing on. Specially when you are fourteen. Naturally, when you’re fourteen, you also thank the gods for your youth and taut skin. One thing I know I can thank the nudists for were their celebrations.
It’s uncanny how many parties they throw. I think they sit in front of a calendar saying ‘Alright, so Halloween is coming up at the end of the month, then there is Thanksgiving, but damnit! There has to be something in between!” Then they realize there’s Election Day (which isn’t really something to observe these days), Veteran’s Day, and Eid Al-Fitr (for all you fasting nudists out therethough they’re difficult to locate). Those days are celebratory enough, so they throw a bash and have a lot of food and sit around drinking their cocktails, eating everything in sight (at least I did), and celebrating their nakedness, er I mean the vacation at hand.
On one such holiday, I can’t remember which, they had one really talented member of the resort staff doing body painting on anyone who was interested. Now, if you have never had a paintbrush dragged across your bum, well let me tell you, it tickles! I made the decision to get up enough guts to get the gentleman paint a dragon from my shoulder to simply under my back. It looked http://b-boyz.com/nudist-movies.html , really! Everyone was telling me how awesome it appeared, on me and only in general. I believe even a German television crew was there filming the festivities. Those Germans, they’ll put anything on television – even a lot of ol’ naked people. But so I pranced around all day, displaying my backside to every adoring onlooker. Afterwards, much of my body shyness dissipated after that day.
After that I made many return visits and then I started looking forward to it practically every weekend, as I had made many friends there of all ages, and enjoyed being able to simply lounge about in the sun. I loved it so much, after a few years I gently started telling some of my friends about it. To my surprise many were interested themselves, and eventually I brought to the resort a girl friend from high school. Later the same year I brought there my boyfriend at the time (even though he proved to be a whole lot more religiously repressed than I ever was.) And still later that summer, I brought an Internet buddy from Ohio while he visited to share his first day of social nudity with our club members. During the the next couple of years, I invited quite several buddies to join me in the resort, and all of them wound up having an excellent experience! As you can observe, this lifestyle is something which now I love sharing with people I know. As a young woman, I’ve finally moved out on my own, and I appreciate running around my own house nude whenever I get the opportunity (and at my moms house whenever I return to visit.) I’m now proud to say I’m a Nudist (with a capital “N”), and I have my mom and her roommate George to thank for it, those many years ago.
That all being said, I believe I ‘ve some sunning to do. It’s a quite lovely day and I Have a great balcony that is calling to me.

I want to introduce myself first, before presenting you my progression to nudism. My name is Didier.

I am french, so please excuse me, my english can feature some mistakes… I am 25, male, soon married, and I’ve been living in French-speaking Switzerland for roughly 3 years now. I was born in a family, where the concept of nudism itself is considered as a pervert thing. So, I hadn’t even discovered about nudism or naturism before the age of 12. I’ve also never seen my parents, or any member of my family, naked.
So, why did I become interested in nudism ?
Everything began in 1991, in the summertime. I was then just 12. I was at home, my parents were away, and I watched a report on TV, featuring a nudist couple, being married in the nude in the south of France.
I still recall some fairly humorous things in this TV programme : everybody was completely naked, including all of the guests along with the mayor of the village, but not the priest ! The husband was wearing only a hat plus a butterfly-node, and also the partner just a wedding voile. This TV report interested me, and for the first time, I thought about going nude…
The next night, then I attempted to sleep nude for the very first time in my life. I did not sleep a lot during that night ! I was cold, and wondered what could happen if my parents came into by bedroom and noted that I was bare. But anyhow, I found it quite good, because I felt extraordinarily free (I generally slept in pyjamas until then). The day after, my parents were away again, and I tried to stay nude the entire day. As the weather was hot, it was a superb day. I did all the standard items in the nude, and this was incredibly plesant. The evening, when my parents came back, I was rather depressing to have to wear my shorts and T-shirt again. The drug of nudism had found me, and I am still addicted to it !
But as I still dreaded the potential reaction of my parents, I didn’t sleep in the nude every night. But from then on, when the weather was hot enough, I tried to remain nude as long as possible when my parents were away.
Approximately one year after, I had abandonned my pyjamas, and I was slepping nude more and more frequently. One morning, my mom, who came every morning to awake me, detected my pyjamas, and that I was slepping bare. But astonishingly, she did not have an extremely negative reaction. She was quite surprised, but after I ‘d explained her, that I could not bear pyjamas, T shirt and slip during the night, she agreed with me and accepted my sleeping nude. The first success ! The life continued so, sleeping nude, and remaining nude at home whenever possible. A couple of years after (in 1994), I liked to try to be naked outside for the first time. I ‘d the possibility that there were small woods near the building where we were living. With the other kids, we were used some years before to go playing in http://nudist-video.net/watch-a-naked-chicks-at-the-beach-tan-her-hot-body.html . One day (not particularily hot…), I went out, into these woods. I went back to the place where I played in the past, and I took all my clothes away. During 1 hour, I walked in the woods, caring that nobody neither came nor could see me. The sensation of freedom was remarkable… I attempted to renew this encounter one or two times, but not more, as it was too dangerous : if someone had seen me, I’d have been instantaneously denounciated to my parents…
Throughout that period also, I attempted to go without underwear. I did it a few times, but quickly stopped as, although I recognised it was more comfortable, I CAn’t prevent my manhood to erect at any time, and my erections were plainly seeable. I was naturally not comfortable with this, and abandonned the idea for a long time. During the summer 1996, I made an important measure : I shown to my mom, that I wanted to stay bare at home. One day, while she had gone away for a few moments, I went into the restroom to take a bath, but before, I wrote a little message describing that, when I’d go out of the bath, I’d remain bare since I felt better like this.
When she came back, she first refused, but I told her that there would not be any way that I would affirm because I didn’t enjoy it, and she accepted that I stayed nude. She revealed herself as being more open-minded than what I really could believe… So, I spent almost one month nude, only swearing when my dad was at home, and even, only when I stayed with my parents… The rest of the time, I stayed naked in my bedroom. It absolutely was clearly one of the greatest summers I Have ever had !
Following this summer, I went to high school in Lyon (in ‘Classes Prparatoires’, a high-level scientific qualification after the ‘Baccalaurat’). I had to share my room with 3 roommates, so I was prevented to sleep bare during one year, except during the weekend and holidays, once I came back home. It was the last time I ever wore something to sleep.
The year after, I had my owm room, so I went on again sleeping nude. Since that time (June 1997), I slept non-naked less than ten times, because I only had to (sleeping at friends’home, during the military selection, or at hospital) During the summer 1997, the neighborhood TV channel aired another programme, about a place near Geneva (called ‘Etangs de l’Etournel’), where naturist individuals were used to go. As this wasn’t far from home (50 kilometers), I went there on my bicycle. The very first time, there were no nudists as the small lakes and shores were overcrowded (it was the 15-August week-end). But the next time, there was nobody… I halted, installed myself in a little isolated grass area, and got nude. For the very first time in my life, I was nude in public, with others who could see me. I loved 2 wonderful hours. I went back there fairly regularly during the next 4 years, with great experences, and more poor ones…
For the good ones, I’ll mention that I’ve meet my first bare girls here 🙂 I also spent many hours here, totally naked, reading a novel or enjoying the silence as well as the landscape. A lot of people could see me, but noone had a negative reaction, as nudism was pretty weel tolerated in this region except during the weekends in the middle of the summertime.
But I also found, for the very first time, that nudism may also be linked to sexual perversion… Lots of queers are accustomed to meet around these lakes, and do not wait to attempt to have sex with any bare guy they see… I needed to reject them fairly often, and I had ordinarily no trouble, but I eventually ceased to go there when I met my girlfriend (and future wife), to prevent additional difficulties.
I tried to really go to lots of other “nude locations” in the area, however they were ultimately all homosexual meeting points. I did not go there again… In 1998, I settled in Grenoble, to enter an engineering school. For the first time in my entire life, I had my own “flat” (in fact, a student room at the first floor, facing a street, with 3 neighbours). I began to remain naked here more and more frequently, only swearing for going out (in class or to ride on my bike), or to fetch something in the common refrigerator on the balcony (1 for 4 rooms). When my neighbours were all away, I even could go out on the balcony in the nude.
I never had the nerve to tell my neighbours that I was a nudist, not understanding what their reactions could be : French people are quite less open-minded as anglo-saxon ones towards nudism, and nudism is still like a taboo in France… So, during 2 years, I needed to keep my windows shut, subsequently secluding myself a bit… I also documentated myself a lot about nudism on Internet in these times, which encouraged myself into going on practicing this “closet nudism”. The third year in Grenoble, I’d went into a bigger room, at the 6th floor, whithout direct neighbours, so I remained increasingly more nude. I even began to do the cooking in the common kitchen in the nude (when there were nobody), or walk between my room and also the showers in the nude. Consistently fearing to be discovered… In April 2001, on a very little climbing road with no traffic, I even tried once to ride on by bike in the buff, during approximately 10 km. That was a great experience, but I didn’t have the opportunity to attempt once again…
My advancement in “full nudism” went on in http://nudismpics.net . There is, not far from here, on the coast of Leman Lake, a little public seashore, where nudism is allowed.

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It is there that I ‘d my first actual nudist encounter in public, without fearing homosexual advances, during summer 2003. I truly loved it, and I now wait for the heat once again to spend new good times on that beach, with my girlfriend, who I’m trying to convert to nudism additionally. A few months before, I decided once again that I wouldn’t wear knickers anylonger. I packaged all my underwear in a bag, and stored them in an inaccessible place (except one slip for utter necessity cases). As my dick is now considerably more quieter, there’s no difficulty at all, and I now never wear panties, under any kind of clothes, including jeans which I wear the majority of the time.
My girlfriend does the same, and does never wear panties either; though she’s still not actually converted to nudism, she appreciates the comfort of not wearing any. So goes my nudist life, slowly but surely. The following steps will be :
First, the end of the conversion of my girlfriend (who’ll be my wife subsequently) to nudism; I know she’ll do it, as she is not opposed to this idea, but it’ll definitely take lots of time until she’s as comfortable with nakedness than I am… Afterwards, spend holidays in nudist resorts. I hope that this will definitely become the truth next year. Well, that is all; Thanks to all the people who had the bravery to read my litterature until here

Before I start writing anything else and before I

discuss with you my story of my first nude beach experience, I feel that brianna beach sex must say several things about the girlfriends I went with. These are my three best girlfriends that I’ve understood for a long time, ever since we started first grade. We remained great girlfriends all these years and every year (when we can afford it), we go for a vacation down to Mexico and check out a fresh location every year. It’s been our little tradition for a few years now and we have had some crazy times south of the border. However, this last year was really something else.

We continue releasing stories shared by our subscribers that are female – young nudist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time
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It was the first time we went to a nudist beach and I just need to share our experience.
We initially thought that it’d just be another one of our excursions, all four of us were really psyched to go and we really wanted the holiday. Additionally, we decided to go somewhere where we could really kick back and relax without needing to party all night long. We decided on a location called Riviera Maya which is just south of Cancun, but in addition just south enough to avoid all of the crowds that harass Cancun. When we got there, it was like paradise. You know those shores with the insanely white sand and crystal clear waters that simply tempt you to jump in without even checking in? Well, it was one of those places. I really could recommend it to practically everyone.
And for a few days, everything was going as intended. We were relaxing on the beaches entire day long, went out for a few drinks in the evenings and we were, if we are fair, being a dull group. Actually, it was getting a bit too dull. I mean beach porno nudizm were still in our 20ies and regardless how exhausted you get over the course of the year, you do need some fun when you go on a vacation. That is when one of my girlfriends, Tyra, said that there is a beach where nudists go, something of a mixed shore at which it is possible to go either clothed or in the nude. This was something we never attempted before and we decided that it would be a great way to spice things up a bit. We also expected that there would be some guys there that we could have a look at in the nude. You never know, right?
The first thing that we noticed when we got to the shore is that everyone was in their swimming suits, men, girls, everyone. We were a bit disappointed and we already believed that someone has misinformed us, perhaps even as a prank, sending four women to a “supposed” nudist beach and then laughing their heads off picturing us waltzing nude to a regular shore. As it turned out, this wasn’t true. The nudist part of the shore was a bit down the shore and we soon started discovering an increasing number of folks enjoying their day at the seashore in the nude. There were women in topless, women that were totally bare and even a few really hot guys all naked and showing off. One man really had something to show off if you know what I mean.
Then it hit us we were extremely shy. Or at least three of us were. Tyra was naked before we could put our towels down and I can inform you that it was a glorious sight to see her in all her curvy goodness all bare and not worrying about a matter. I made the decision to give topless a go along with the image that I sent you is just that. Tyra in the middle, all bare and without a care in the world. Me in topless and our two girlfriends with their backs to the camera, still not feeling daring enough.
The following day, however, we were all nude as the day we were born and I can inform you that it is the best thing a girl can do. The freedom is intoxicating as well as the sun feels so amazing on the naked skin.

I am Geoff from Australia. I’m 47 now, but, like you, realised that I was a nudist when I was in my early teens.

I shared a bedroom with my 2 younger brothers, sleeping in the top bunk of a bunk bed. Our house was quite small. I remember bathing with one of my brothers, Garry, right up to my early teens. My youngest brother, Ian, and sister Julie, who was younger still, also bathed together. At all other times, though, we wore clothing, though in the hot Aussie summers, it was frequently only shorts and undies. My sister always wore a top as well. None of my family were nudists, and my mum was from a strict Catholic history. I have never seen her nude.
I do recall all of us lads and father showering nude in the dressing sheds at the beach, and how frequently there were men sunbaking nude in the open courtyard at the center of the dressing pavillion. I didn’t believe anything was wrong with that. When I was 12, I was at high school and my class went to the shore for an excursion. It was an all boys school. I recall one of my classmates (his name was http://videonudism.com/young/spy-sex-beach.php !) taking off his swimmers and skinny dipping in a stone pool. I wasn’t quite game enough to do that, but I did have a very strong desire to swim naked.
While I didn’t swim nude, I did sleep nude. I’d wear pyjamas to bed, then take them off. They constantly appeared worn because I’d shove them down under the covers. I was never comfortable if I need to sleep in pyjamas.
I didn’t understand anything about nudism, and wondered whether I was strange or something, but I started to go naked at home when everyone else was out. I nearly got caught nude by an elderly guy who used to see us often. I ‘d really gone out the back door nude (it was early evening), and I needed to dart back in immediately, shut the door, and act like no-one was home!
Another thing I did was to go to bed later than anyone else. It became my job to lock up the back door during the night prior to going to bed. I used this as the opportunity to be nude, even at the center of winter. I adored being nude under the stars! Occasionally, I Had walk or run round the block nude (I’d have been about 15- http://nudistpic.net when I did this). It was somewhat daring, going by the houses of all neighbours who understood me so well, with not a stitch on! The final stretch of the run was down the main road and round the corner into our street, and once I remember the driver of a car coming up the main road honking at me! That was a real rush – someone had seen me! I’d never had the courage (unlike other young people whose stories are on this site) to tell my parents I wanted to go nude. At the conclusion of my final year of high school, I turned 18 and went on a trip for about 10 days with some of my school mates and one of our teachers. We camped in the grounds of the neighborhood Catholic primary school and there were several beaches nearby. One night, wearing just a pair of Speedo swimmers, I went out by myself to one of the beaches. I immediately took them away, and ran into the water naked. It was excellent! I chose to stay bare after completing my swim, and walked up from the seashore to the nearby road. It was probably about 11pm, so I thought I’d go for a jog in the nude. I determined to put my swimmers down in a place I Had recall, so I could chicken out. It was such a buzz! Would you believe I accidentally jogged past the Police Station in the nude? Again, a few automobile motorists honked, but streakers were fairly common then!
I first went bare in front of others of my age at a nude beach when going to University, and that was normally an extremely favorable experience. It was likewise great to see that there were girls who loved being bare too!

We continue releasing stories shared by our subscribers that are female – young nudist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time

My history without clothing has been long but fairly unpredictable.

As I read in this forum, there are many who have been comfortable with nudity since childhood.
That was definitely not possible for me in the quite traditional dwelling in which I was raised. I do remember quite vividly my first encounter.

We continue publishing stories shared by our female subscribers – young fkk girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time
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When I was 13, our family was trailor camping in a forest in the south of England. It was a wonderful morning and I was up before anyone else. I stepped outside in the dewy morning in my pajamas and discovered a path leading away into the woods. The temptation was too great. Once I was out of sight, I took off all my clothing and ran naked through the forest. It turned out to be a fabulous feeling! Regrettably, it wasn’t an encounter I really could duplicate easily. As I grew through my teen years, there was no possibility of being nude at home or in the back yard.
I ‘d to be met wearing brief underwear and I’d sometimes lie on a towel in the lawn. My mother was not thrilled, but did not say too much. Some years after, I was married and I remember with great fondness a day when my young bride and I walked nude in a field. It turned out to be a fantastic feeling of freedom, but not one which has been repeated frequently. Over time, I’ve seen Wreck Beach once I was visiting Vancouver. There I found people quite receptive and accepting. Unlike many I ‘ve read around in this forum, I didn’t have any hesitation about taking off my clothing with strangers. It was a very freeing experience. I remember once lying across a log from a young woman and a couple of young men who were having a dialogue.
They were totally normal in the things they discussed although they and I were naked. I thought what a great awareness of self confidence each individual revealed, particularly the young woman. Maybe that’s what a lot of people lack, the self confidence and positive self image to be themselves even when they are clothed. russian nudist are grown now so my wife is much more accepting of my being nude around the home and in the lawn. She grins at me and recognizes that when I have really been able to lie in the sun naked for an hour or so, I’m so much more relaxed. She says, “If this is what it takes for you to be relaxed, I am http://picsnudism.net for it”. This implies that it’s o.k. for me to be naked and have no tan lines.
She doesn’t especially share my excitement. For those who are easily able to be naked and free at home, the beach or the club, love that liberty. Not all individuals are able to experience that degree of freedom and love being comfortable within their very own skin, whether they’re nude alone or with others.

Love Being Naked

Many years back after losing my wife to breast cancer and tired of sitting in nudism photos , I chose to get out as well as try new things. I approached the notion of visiting a nudist resort with caution, but the idea kept nagging at me.

I am in relatively good shape, etc., and eventually decided to give it a try. Like everybody, the first time was nerve-wracking. I paced back and forth naked in my room until getting up the nerve to go outside. It was only a couple of hours, and I was hooked. I like going every summer now, as regularly as I can. I find it to be the most relaxing and satisfying thing I have ever done.

A Missed Opportunity

It absolutely was 1947 or 48. My family drove over to the coast.

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We spent the night in a motel at May’s Landing, NJ. The next morning Mom and Dad were discussing where to go. Father wanted to really go to Sunshine Park but Mom needed to go to Atlantic City. Finally, they decided to ask my sister and I where we wanted to go. We both decided Atlantic City.

Neither of us knew any thing about nudism and it was not mentioned. I afterwards found Sunshine and Health magazines in Dad’s underwear drawer after my sister went away to college and I inherited her occupation of putting away the laundry. I found the magazines intriguing. I liked the pictures!!

I began to read the magazines and found nudism interested me. I found a newsstand that sold nudist magazines and started to buy them to read. After I graduated from high school I joined the Air Force. At that time the law occasionally raided nudist camps so I stayed away until I was freed.

It was while I was in school which I visited my first nudist resort, Zoro Nature Park in Indiana. It was when I’d become a part of a resort in California that I remembered May’s Landing from the time my sister and I decided to go to Atlantic City instead. Possibly my family would have become nudist. I later became a nudist, but I am the only nudist in the family.

Another story, when I ‘ve the time!

-George F.
Fallon, Nevada
From Skinny-Dipping to Living Clothing Free

My first actual nudist experience was in 1994 when I went to a nudist resort because I wanted to go skinny-dipping like I used to at the YMCA before it went coed and mandatory bathing suits.

As a kid I were told that one did not go around bare, and while it was acceptable to alter clothes in the presence of other males surely it wasn’t done in front of females.

My first issue was that I I was not certain how I could be comfortable nude in front of other folks for an extended period of time for no reason when I felt uneasy just being naked alone. I faced this by becoming used to going around my home nude even when I did not need to be.

as soon as I arrived at the resort I was met by a nude guy in the office who registered me and gave me the advice on the resort. I was subsequently directed to a parking lot where I was met by another bare guy who was going to give me a tour of the area. I undressed before the tour because even though no one knew me, I was not going to embarrass myself in public by appearing out of place.

My tour ended at the lake and because my reason behind going there was so I could swim bare I went into the water.

After I took a quick walk by myself. As I passed other people a grin and “Hello” was in order, the lack of clothing was of no value.

I returned to the lake for more swimming and sunning.

Before going home I took a warm shower in the round building that housed the showers. As the shower and adjoining hot tub made the drying region humid, I went outside. That did it for me. I was dried by the gentle breeze and the warm sun. That convinced me that this was how we were supposed to be. There was nothing disgraceful about being naked. I finished the remaining visits and interviews as soon as I could and became a member.

Little did I know at that time how much I would enjoy the comfort of being nude. Since that visit I have joined other nudist organizations and attended a lot of nudist occasions. I’ve been on a number of bare cruises and now live in a clothes optional community where I can be naked all the time except when it is too cold or I’m going into town.

Now, for me, being bare is my lifestyle.

-George W.
Paw Paw, West Virginia
First Nudist Encounter

My first nudist experience was in early June 2010. After moving to Florida the preceding year I began searching the Internet for nudist places and found there were several about 70 miles away. I liked to try it and and didn’t understand if I had the nerve. I went down to Paradise Lake Resort and after checking in and having a brief tour I quickly proceeded to undress in the parking lot and head over to the pool area. It wasn’t long before all my fears were gone. It felt so great to enter the pool and sunbathe without a bathing suit.

I met another couple that was there for the very first time and everyone was so friendly. http://beach-patrol.biz did undress and more than likely never will. No one cares what your body looks like, it is merely a comfortable feeling.

Now I’m a routine at Lake Como, can’t wait for the weather to warm up so I can head down there again. I also took part in the Skinny Dip last summer at Lake Como and had a blast. When you go bare it’s very hard to have to wear a bathing suit at a public beach or pool. There is nothing like the bare lifestyle!

-Tom B.
The Villages, Florida
A Model Nudist, Component Two

I eventually modeled for the regular figure drawing course during the spring semester. Alas, the young lady who had introduced me to this new profession never saw me model. The figure drawing class was small, only five students, and I got very comfortable posing for them. Toward the end of the session, the instructor asked me to model for her general drawing class. I agreed, and I was somewhat shocked when I showed up for it. The room was packed. I went ahead and took everything away and got on the model stand. The class went great, and by the time it absolutely was over, I did not want to get dressed. Virtually everyone was quite friendly, and I wondered if the nudity was what made people open up.

I went home that summer, and by then, I’d learned to look in the classified ads of newspapers for a variety of stuff. I found an ad for a nudist camp east of Dallas called the Ponderosa Ranch. After my modeling experience, I had to go and experience this. I went on a Tuesday in late May. I was buzzed in and told to drive to the office. As I went up the dirt road, I saw a nude woman on her knees on the earth, working in a flower garden. I went in the office and paid my day fee to the naked lady there. I went back to the car and stripped down.

The camp was not very packed, but I loved the pool and hot tub. A few teens arrived in the day, home from school. I wasn’t even 19 years old at the time, so these were close to my age. A couple of them vanished, but two girls returned, nude, and went swimming. It was such a liberating experience to be nude and free around others, especially individuals of the opposite gender, and not feel any angst or anxiety.

as soon as I went back to the Ponderosa, it absolutely was on a Saturday, and there were many more folks there. I stayed for the weekly dance, and found a freedom that I had never felt. I still hate to dance with clothes on. During every trip, I loathed to put clothing on and leave. And I despised the coming of cold weather.

I’m 44 years old now and very active in my church. I still model occasionally, and I still want to escape to a nudist resort whenever I can. I’m lucky to truly have a wife who loves nudism with me, as well as our kids have taken to it also. I really don’t ever imagine a time when I could ever quit appreciating bare diversion.

-Dan H.
Fort Worth, Texas

Labor Day weekend normally indicates the end of the summertime.

This summer, I didn’t spend as much nude time outside as I would’ve liked. This was mainly because of the closure of Eastover (does this mean we have to change the name of this Yahoo group?). Not until the past week of http://wnude.com/nudist-teens.html did I spend some critical time bare in the sun.

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Thru a Meetup.com group for massage exchanges, I med someone for a trade with a little yard that has some privacy. After our trade on each other, we spent some time in the lawn having thailand beach topless . It was kinda fine. Most of my naked time was spent inside in my area, at B.A.N.G. (Boston Area Naturist Group) events, and at some naked yoga classes.
During the last week of August, I went to GNI for the last 5 day period. As always, it’s fine to be naked for several days with old friends and making new ones. Again this year I held a massage workshop, and taking the lead from an Eastover fellow I also held a Massage Therapist Roundtable. One attendee that is a photographer was seeking people to model for him to experiment with different poses. Figure who signed up to help? I’m sure you all recall the scorching sun we had during the summertime. My first 2 days (Wed. and Thurs.)at the Assembly were comfortable albeit cloudy, but could’ve been warmer. Friday the sun actually came thru for the entire day and it was extremely warm. Saturday, the last complete day, most of us needed to put sun block on. Rather than go straight house the following day, I went to see an eastover aquaintance in another part of PA for a couple of days. I was hoping to spend some more time nude at there place, but ironicly they don’t spend any time nude in their dwelling. I did not want to push the problem; it’s their home and I was merely a visitor. Now, the summer is over.

Before the year is over I Will probably make it to some more B.A.N.G. occasions and some more naked yoga courses. It would be nice to meet someone to visit Cypress Cove or traveling to a different resort with. How about the rest of you? How did you spend your summer nude?

There are lots of cabinet nudists out there, and I’m one of them.

So, I action to compose this to help others like me to find more ways to go bare. Here are a few helpful hints:
At home:
When no one is home, (Or in the event that you’re willing to take your chances with someone around) just bare it all and do your normal stuff. The wind blowing against your body feels completely fantastic. For all those who with their very own rooms, you can lock the door and sleep in http://nudiststube.com . Try wearing just shorts (Men) or one bit t shirt (Women). This way you can slip in quicker if someone comes about. And for all those people that share rooms, you can slip off your clothes and sleep in the nude, covered with a blanket of course. If you’re frightened you will kick it off, tuck the sides of the blanket in tightly to the sides of the bed. You may also go back and forth the toilet naked, and no one will likely say a thing. This really is most likely the first step for anybody who intends to tell their parents about their naturist activities. My parents are a little open minded, but they have their limitations for nudism. I’m usually allowed to go bare before or after bathing for a while. Going more than that will merit a frown from them. I’m now working on attempting to make my parents come to terms with my nudism.
In the event you’re fortunate enough to have a nudist beach or center nearby, then do not hesitate to visit it. Howeve if you are unlucky enough (like me), you always have the option to improvise. When you have your own swimming pool, you always have the option to go there. If you have a private one, then use it! However, should you reside in an apartment (like me, again), you can try going at around 2-3 am. Alternately, go during office hours and school times, when there’ll be no one. A good way to be safe would be to envelop your swimsuit around your hands, so if anyone comes, you can simply slip it on. And, for those who own a park nearby, (Go on precisely the same times as the swimming pool) A great idea in the event you’re going to the park or a hike, bring the necessary supplies as well as a plastic bag or a tote to keep http://wildnudists.com in. I usually bring slippers so I can remove and wear it easily. I would rather go barefoot anyplace, by the way. Should you have a bicycle, you could try cycling around naked. Constantly think of new ways to go natural. Make certain you map out a proper time to go and to return. Watch out for folks to. You can also attempt jogging round the neighbourhood. Try alleywyas and disjunct regions. Becareful should you would like to take an extra danger by jogging past other people’s houses.
That’s about it. The main point I stress is to USE YOUR BRAIN! Find more places to go bare and constantly think ahead for everything.

We continue publishing stories shared by our subscribers that are female – young fkk girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time

Okay then, that is about all I got to say. Until next time, keep bare!

The summer after my 8th grade I went to the Crimea. My mother and me were sunbathing on a beach.

It’d been a while since I learnt to swim by then and I dare say I was jolly good at it. We would visit exactly the same spot daily, and I was quite keen on going someplace else, but for the shortage of a better alternative I was swimming alongside the seashore. I would swim quite a distance, and once I reached so far that I saw a rock sticking out of water – I nearly instantaneously made up my mind about swimming behind it and seeing what was there.
When I finally got there my eyes fell upon a significant sight – several guys and women were sunbathing there completely naked!

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I’d learned about nudism before and hence I was not quite shocked But as long as I had my bathing suit on I did not dare to come out of water and watch them, and so I was looking at them from where I were. I had my diving eyeglasses on me, so I faked to be diving to see the seascape while in fact I was quite a lot more interested in seeing people who were swimming without their bathing suits and trunks. In point of fact, I’d seen nude guys before, but now submerged nudity was something more exciting. as soon as I got back to the hotel the impressions of the day wouldn’t leave me.
The next day mother stayed in the resort and I visited the shore accompanied by my pal. I told her about the yesterday’s nude beach, and we rushed there for a fresh share of feelings. On our way there we reached the conformity not to take off our bathing suits, but just to see other people loving outside nude. Eventually we reached the nude beach and made ourselves comfortable. Our previous observation was that for the people around it was a matter of fact thing to walk around nude, both for men and for women. And no one paid the least attention to one another!
My buddy took off the very top of her bathing suit, and I, also, was hungry for new senses Am I a chicken or not, after all? And it was then that I GOT FULLY NAKED IN FRONT OF EVERYONE. I cannot put into words the feeling it conveyed me. It felt as if I were some kind of a star set upon the scene with all of the eyes looking at me. but that wasn’t nearly all! I went to the water edge and stepped in,, and it was as though waves were caressing me. I don’t know what was that feeling about, but I never got to feel anything of that kind while wearing a swimsuit. I managed to relax in water and did not feel embarrassed anymore – after all, one could not see much of my body while I was in water
But after a little while, when I Had had enough of swimming, it was time for me to come out of water, and it was then that I saw the beach by now was even more crowded than before, and I got that belief that everybody was there lined to see me coming out of water in my birth costume. So I called up my friend and asked her to bring over http://videonudism.com/firsttime/sexy-beach-pussies.php swimming trunks because I was kind of embarrassed to come out of water as I were. But she just laughed at me!
Having nothing to do, I pretended I was a supermodel prepared to create her look on stage. And with my nose up in the air I made it to the shore absolutely nude in front of all the spectators that were there to see me. Curiously, the audience did not break in applause. I looked at the beachers around me, but not one of them seemed to pay no attention to me and only minding their particular business. I even sensed a tiny bit disappointed by that fact Those were my first impressions of becoming suntanned equally. Now I sunbathe only nude, and I’m not put off by the presence of people in swimsuits. If they are there http://spynudism.net goes to show that they admire me and enjoy it all and are simply frightened to do it themselves so far.
As for the process of becoming suntanned without swimsuit – I cannot even characterize the sensation of having your body caressed by the gentle breeze, and what’s finest – you’ve got no wet fabric clinging to you after you have bathed. The overall feeling is simply TERRIFIC. In reality, for them on could brush away fears and humiliation and other biases.