Gunnison Beach – 6 A.M.I grew up in a house where nudity was no big deal.

We occasionally would swim nude in our fairly private backyard, and nudity in the house was, although not encouraged, definitely not frowned on either.

As an adult there was never much chance to revisit those carefree moments of youth. I traveled a good bit with my work and learned of the approved nude beach at Sandy Hook, NJ.

Eventually I was in that area overnight and took the opportunity to go to the beach before beginning my work day. I got to the beach sometime around 6 a.m. and the beach was abandoned and cold. I sat in my garments on the sand and watched the sun come up. About 7:30 it got warm enough to take my clothes off and enjoy , the sound of the surf and the breeze. By then a number of early risers had arrived at the seashore, but it was still largely deserted. I just had an hour or so on the seashore before I had to start my day.

I enjoyed the sense of being nude in nature so much that I went back to the seashore after my appointments were completed and appreciated the rest of the day on the considerably more crowded shore, watching the sun go down before I left. At no time did I feel uncomfortable being naked in the business of other naked folks. Possibly becoming a little used to it in the morning before the crowds came helped a bit, but I believe that should you approach nudism from the appropriate viewpoint it is not a sexually charged encounter and so there’s actually nothing to be uncomfortable about. When you have not tried it yet, I’d encourage you to give it a try. Its certainly amazing.

I’ve since been back to the shore many times and joined a nonlanded club where we have been able to enjoy day trips to landed clubs in the region. It is all great but my favorite place is still the seashore with its surf and sand!

-Ryan N.
Baltimore, Maryland
Waited Too Long

My whole adult life thus far has been subjected to rules designed to stop embarrassment to the “company.” I have needed to play by everyone else’s rules. Well for the first time I chose to take my first step of “independence” and took a trip to Haulover Beach. WOW! What a sense relief! To be there, with all those beautiful people who had no care what others thought of them…and there I was with them. How amazing it was to feel the sun on my whole body. Swimming in the ocean minus the confinement of a swimsuit. So satisfying. I can’t wait for my next visit. Regrettably, here in Miami there aren’t any clothing discretionary communities, so I’m planning a vacation to one in Central Florida. I can not wait. I’m so thrilled with my new found life.

Miami, Florida
First time at nudist camp!

I was told about nude camp. Was interested! Did not go the first year but the next I did go. What a freeing experience! I joined AANR the very next week and this year became an Associate member! I enjoy it so much that I do proudly say I am a nudist!

-Deb S.
Minneapolis, Minnesota

The possibility of visiting a nudist club fell into my lap unexpectedly. In those days I was dating my wife Claudia, but we had not taken a step forward. We were just building up the camaraderie in those days. Afterward out of a blue I was having tea at her place, when her mother entered.

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Shortly we got acquainted, then her mom mother asked me if I want to join her and Claudia over the weekend at a bare resort. I found myself saying YES.All she counseled me was to feel friendly with everyone.

The next Saturday morning we were on our way. When we reached there, all I can say it was a bare woods, but very well maintained.

Soon they both got there, clothes away as if it was ordinary routine. I also had to take off. I was shy a bit, but to my shock no one troubled to look at me. Claudia’s mom, seeing me hesitating a bit, offered to show me the resort. I was surprised to see naked girls/ women playing volleyball, other sports and swimming with naked guys. Not only this but guys shooting photographs of their relatives in nude. This made me feel comfortable.

All I can say is it was a greatest weekend I ever had. I felt healthy, and noticed that I had acquired more assurance. Now My wife and I are regular members of that resort. We have made many friends there. I propose to all or any people around the world take a rest and give your own life an opportunity to change.

Bochum, Armed forces Europe, Middle East, Africa, Canada
Finest car ride ever

I consider my first time encounter to be when my(then future) wife and I were taking a road trip to Canada. It was in 1989 and we were driving up Interstate 81 through New York. It was a beautiful day. My wife was driving the car and we had the windows down. We were both simply enjoying the ride as well as the attractive landscape that was passing by and I started to get the sensation that I was wearing too much clothes , and so I kicked off my shoes and got out of my top.

We drove along for a little while more and I began slipping my pants away. My wife looked at me and asked, “what are you doing?” I told her I was getting comfy. Not long after that I slipped out of my undies, and was cruising up Interstate 81 naked as a Jay bird.

It was excellent! My wife thought I was crazy. I believe she still does but she has stuck with me for almost 20 years.

Now I understand that wasn’t a group nudist encounter but it absolutely was the first time I declared myself a man who likes to be nude. I do have to also add that that car ride was the best memory I have of that trip.


The bravest thing I ever did naked? Well how about among the bravest….well, in fact it was more impulsive than courageous.

A number of years ago I was living in northwest Houston,,, hot, humid, Houston. Every morning (around 5 AM) before going to work I’d ride my bike for 20-30 minutes through the area. Normally I wore sneakers, a tshirt and short pants. Well this special morning I donned – don’t ask me why. And Off I went into the dawn.

The typical morning in our area at 5 AM was merely a few autos with folks finding their way to the highway to get to work. This one morning I approached a stop sign that I usually just drove through…usually no cars around.

We continue releasing stories shared by our female subscribers – young naturist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time

Well a few cars were coming so I had to stop. And then a car pulled up next to me with three girls in the car. They found my sneakers, etc and one of them lowered her window and said “fine sneakers” and they all laughed. I did too. So off I went but turned from my usual route to lesser traveled roads…and they followed. This went on for a few roads and I finally discontinued. We had a short friendly exchange and through the laughter and quips I tempted them to bike with me the following morning. Again, we all had a great laugh. nudist saw them again. It was very funny, and surely more intimidating than anything. I suppose my susceptibility were pretty obvious! But, to tell the truth, I wonder what I ‘d have done had they shown up prepared to bike with me. And yes, I did bike in the nude on numerous other occasions but only when it was a little darker than on this particular morning.

The first time I was entirely nude in public

, with strangers I did not understand about, my loving husband and I were on holiday.

We continue releasing stories shared by our female subscribers – young nudist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time
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We would wake up really early, before dawn, in order to jog on the sandy shores while they were still deserted.
We’d finished jogging on the beach, and stopped in a secluded cove near the hotel. There, we took off our clothes and walked into the sea. At that time, 6.00 am, the beach was left, the sea, level and cold. There was a large stone reef on the sand, 40 feet inland from the shoreline, where we left our clothes.
We were enjoying our early bath when we heard a cry. We looked up and what nudist family pictures saw was a large number of people standing on the coastline. Some of them were already in the water and coming toward us!
They were largely teens, of both sexes, but chiefly males. They had ridden bikes from a nearby town, in order to spend a couple of days at the seashore by themselves. They had brought their food and they were going to camp among the trees along the beach. It was fairly apparent they were settling in to stay a great while.
We did not know what to do! The police made their rounds at 7:30 and we could be fined or even worse, arrested for our public nudity. Some of them came to us and as soon they realized I was naked, they got closer. They couldn’t believe it!
At first I was embarassed, but we started speaking and the ice began to melt down. One of them asked me if I was unsure. I was, but I said “no”. He phoned to his buddies, “Hey, come and see this,” and more came. I discovered I was starting to love it. Maybe I was the first girl they saw nude. I like to believe so in my secret fantacies.
It was ten minutes before 7:00. We’d been in the water a number of years and we were cold. My nipples were erect and protruding. The group was waiting for us to leave the water. And we left. I’ll never forget the expression of expectation and amazement I saw on their faces.
When I found myself standing on the sand, nude, in the front of them, my shyness flew away. They were admiring me… and I actually enjoyed being bare for them!
We’d time before the police came on their rounds to move into the trees and we remained with them. No one got upset or mad. Nudity was something new to them and they were fascinated.
We discussed standing, sitting and lying on the sand for a while, drying our bodies and taking sun. They asked lots of questions: Where are you from? Where do you reside? Are you shameless? Do you do this on a regular basis? I was fully relaxed and I entirely exposed my nude body to them.
One asked if he could take pictures and he did. He shot pictures of the group, some of whom had shed their very own clothes. He photographed my husband and I both alone and together. We gave him our postal address and cash to send the graphics and we were pleasantly suprised when they actually arrived.
My first public total nudity was a lovely experience… I’ll never forget it. We met the group again after that day and stayed until sundown. The next morning my husband and I, , bathed, talked and joked with them again. The following morning when we got up, I was saddened to see they’d gone.

It reminds me of what I read in one of Frank Herbert’s Dune books once. I really like google

, it located it for me. Here it is:
There was this drylander who was asked which was more significant, a literjon of water or a vast pool of plain water?

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The drylander thought a minute and then said: “The literjon is more significant. No single individual could own a great pool of plain water. But a literjon you could hide under your cloak and run away with it. No one would understand.”
-The Jokes of Historical Dune,
Bene Gesserit Archives

We treat nudity, and sexuality, as matters that are so cherished, we literally have to hide it from others as we worry that, exposed, everyone would try and get it. In a land where it is everywhere, nevertheless, there isn’t any demand for such anxiety. In a way, many western cultures are already like this in relation to numerous arab cultures, for example Saudi Arabia. There, they fear seeing anything but the slits of the eyes of women for would be tempted by one. Here we are apalled at this thought that people would believe that men ought to be so weak, but we do not live in Saudi Arabia; there, apparently, they’re; and it’s engrained into them in their culture. We simply have the exact same notion only more average; here it is fine to see not just a woman’s face, but her hair too, and more besides, but most tend to draw the line at some stage of skimpy clothing in public. Nudists, ofcourse, go beyond even this, although normally only in certain settings (at the very least nudists tend to avoid being where it is not legal to do so).

I would assert that the issue of sexuality is rather similar, together with the one caveat that children and pregnancy, STDs and STIs are also variables there. In any case, my point stands; I believe that with enough dialogue people will realize the advantages to being more liberal, both clothes shrewd and sexuality wise, while at exactly the same time educating ourselves more so that we prevent the mistakes that makes of some such puritans, will be better for everyone.

Societal Dilemmas in Regards to Voyeur Nudity

Nudity Shame (voyeur nudity)

Centuries of oppressive notion have convinced many people that the body is a black, worthless thing that should be concealed. Junk! The human body is among the very refined, masterful and valuable things on earth. There aren’t many things in existence which compare to it on an artistic, technical, or philosophical level. Observe the human body! It’s one of only a handful of truly exceptional creations.

Embarrassment (voyeur nudity)

Some people are afraid of running into someone they know while bare, or – worse – being seen by someone they know (or someone they don’t) while bare. Remember that you will be around many other people that will also be naked. You may be momentarily embarrassed at first – this is ordinary – but as you spend more time nude, you will realize that if everyone is nude, no one has cause for nudity-related humiliation. As for the chance that you just will run into someone you know – Well, in case you enjoy them, you have got something new in common to talk about? Moreover, what’s there to be embarrassed about? They are there, also, for the same reasons as you.
Defining Voyeurism :: Human sexual behavior involving accomplishment of sexual arousal through seeing the sexual activities of others or through watching others disrobe.

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To some extent voyeurism is widespread; various types of sexual display are a regular element of sexual interest and mating behaviour in most creatures, including humans, but voyeurism is recognized as a deviant behavior when observation ceases to be just one factor in sexual interest and becomes the sole or primary source of gratification. The risk of being found is an additional component in the excitement of the voyeur.

The following was composed by a youthful member of the Federation of Canadian Naturists. It’s used with their permission.

15 Top Reasons to Be Nude
1. It is entertaining! Obviously, it’s not for everybody, but then, neither is Madonna nor nudism in public , NBA basketball nor Batman. But once most young couples and boyfriends/girlfriends attempt it, they come back. Why? Since it’s fun. You almost certainly know those that have vacationed at nude beaches, who skinnydip in their backyard pool or who lounge around the house nude. Why not?

2. ! Moreover improved self-esteem, the sun relieves tension, provides you with Vitamin D, a tan with SPF 4 protection and helps clear acne. Naturists do not overdo their time in the sun; they tan safely with a sunblock.
Five Measure Nudity
If you have merely been waiting for encouragement to get nude from a mainstream source, particularly if you are female, now you’ve it. Here are the 5 steps to a more nude you:

1. Expose yourself. Get comfortable being naked alone.

2. Get to learn your body. Pay attention to your body’s sensory signals, particularly when unclothed.

3. Look at yourself. Become familiar with – and accepting of how you look without clothing.

4. Move on to semi public nudity. In generally okay circumstances, such as a locker room.

5. Grad to social nudity. The real thing.

The characteristic, of course, is about body approval. The message has been repeated frequently enough, that people (women especially) are needlessly unhappy due to fears their bodies are somehow not “appropriate”. But this time the way to cure the difficulty is stated very definitely.

Our first ‘planned’ nude outing with friends happened this weekend.

Earlier in the week a cookout within our house had turned into an impromptu nude swim session in our pool. We found while not ‘societal nudists’ per se that we all spent lots of time that manner around dwelling.

Or maybe Clothed in Naked business might better describe this event.

I was at Cypress Cove about 6 years ago, relaxing in front of the Massage office by the main pool. It was after in the day, midweek, just about five or six people round the pool. An associate of the staff came through, nude as I recall, as were all of the patrons by the pool. With him were what seemed to be aged students, all clothed.

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In listening to his conversation with them, it was clear that they were conducting for a project or report, apparently about nudism or nudist resorts.

They worked their way around the pool area, occasionally taking photos of the buildings and signage – the Clubhouse, Cheeks, the Gift Shop. Eventually they got to our side of the pool where myself and a couple were relaxing in front of the Massage office. The staff associate guaranteed us that we didn’t have to move, that the students would be able to get the photos they wanted, and we would definitely not be in the shot.

There were two girls and two men in the group. And it was quite simple to tell the guys were extremely uncomfortable being there. The girls appeared a little more self assured and did not seem as uneasy. They did not linger, but shot a few photos of the sign behind us and then left.

In this instance, the clothed folks were a bit out of sorts round the nude people. Just a bit interesting, another angle on this particular topic.

I used to be much less attentive than I ‘m now.

I have in the past gone bare on sometimes pretty busy Spanish seashores, taking nothing and walking purposefully past them for several miles. It’s not illegal there. People would notice, but few seemed at all bothered. Only once did anyone (a guy) object on the particular grounds that children might see me. As we realize, youngsters take no notice of simple nudity, but I did feel anxious because I subsequently felt vulnerable and had no means whatsoever to cover-up.
I occasionally experienced groups of two or three women expressing that I was naked, not that I was looking for that. I always avoided single women who weren’t nude or top-free so as not to make them feel uncomfortable or threatened. It was interesting to watch how some couples saw me bare and then removed their clothes.

We continue releasing stories shared by our subscribers that are female – young nudist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time

That was before.
In the interests of not causing offence and not giving naturism a bad name even if legal I’ve changed my strategy to public nudity to be less clear. Much like Pete, I concur hiking is a good deal more enjoyable than the seashore. I also use quieter Spanish shores where few people pay any attention other than simply noticing, some see me and do the same! Hiking in Spain, it’s so quiet the chances of running into someone are low. Hiking in the UK the chances are much greater. If alone I have tend to disappear off into the bushes, feeling nervous since I ‘ve zero wish to offend but afraid it may be taken as more than simple nudity.
Doing a Spencer Tunick installation has given me a different pespective on the way the Brits see nudity. 1700 individuals went naked for several hours in a city in the name of “art”. Most weren’t naturists and were very nervous at first. I actually don’t go nude on UK beaches unless lying on my abdomen in a silent area. I only stand up when there isn’t anyone around for at least 700 yards, but may walk a long way then. If a person keeps on walking towards me I do not usually worry about it, since it’s their choice and I ‘m on a quite wide large seashore, but if it is narrower I sit down and am discreet until they have passed.
If I see a lone girl I frequently cover up as we get closer so she can feel “safe”. No one in the UK has ever objected or seemed offended. Occasionally they have been clearly amused, so I just say hello. You might wonder why I do not use nudist beaches quite often. The key answer is simple. Regrettably, in the UK and on the smaller Spanish beaches there are frequently various pervs hanging around and I do not feel as comfortable. They are the ones giving young nudist pics .

My first experience as a nudist and as a inquisitive girl

Life would be a very boring and a very depressing place if not for best friends.
All of us have them and we can’t imagine our lives without them. For me, it is these two girls, Amanda and Lucy. We met when we were six of seven and we stayed great friends ever since. We spent some excellent times together and we carried each other through some really tough times too. You understand how feel more connected to a person who’s not your flesh and blood than with your first relatives? Well, these have consistently been Lucy and Amanda for me.
They are also utterly distinct. Lucy is more like me, timid and demure, almost introverted while Amanda is the different side of the coin. She is mad, she’s adventurous and she’s consistently seeking new methods to produce me and Lucy feel uncomfortable. I really could spend days listing all the encounters she’s put us through over the years but that’s not the purpose of this narrative. The purpose of this story is to let you know about my first nudist experience. Our first nudist experience and about the very first time that I understood that I find my best friends attractive in a way that’s a little more than merely friendly.
Needless to say, it was Amanda that proposed we should test out seeing a nudist beach on our next trip to Europe. Me and Lucy declined before she could stop the sentence but that is when Amanda used one of her finest weapons, her powers of persuasion that wouldn’t be set to squander in CIA Or some other government agency. This girl could persuade a drowning man to get a bottle of water. Literally. In any case, Amanda managed to wear us down over the course of the the next couple of weeks and before we could really understand what she did to us and how she persuaded us, we were on the plane to France and after a bus ride we were at the camp.
It was this wonderful section of the French Riviera and it was so secluded that you just couldn’t find it by accident unless you understood precisely where you were going. It was likewise a large camp with hundreds of individuals, couples, families, mostly young families with little children. Of course, there were also a couple of groups like us, mainly a bit older than us and mostly girls too. I believe there is some kind of a policy about single men coming in, either alone or in groups. Which was a shame and which made Amanda despair.

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And astonishingly enough, being nude came really natural to all three of us. Even Lucy, the shiest of us had no problem getting undressed and sunbathing completely bare before all those folks. I adored it. It was the very best feeling of my entire life. The first day I sunbathed naked, I could actually feel the sun playing with my skin, warming it up and getting me actually horny. When you get that hot summer Mediterranean sunshine working on your own nether regions, you get nudist group in matter of seconds. And then there is the substitution from cold of the ocean to the warmth of the sun. In general, it is exciting and incredibly sexual. Which is something I didn’t anticipate.
Another thing that I didn’t expect in the least was that I would find myself looking at my two buddies and thinking about kissing them and touching them. They still had tan lines as well as their bodies looked so perfect and so natural all naked and in nature. I really could feel my clit swelling up when I started thinking about kissing Lucy or touching Amanda. But I never told them. How could I tell my two best friends that I have been wondering what it’d like if we all went insane and had a wild night together. I merely needed to let off steam and I’m hoping to god that they will not read this text. I hope that they do not and yet I hope that they do. I do not know. It’s all really perplexing.

I was raised in a very traditional Jewish foundation. We were supposed to dress modestly

at all times. I never thought of going nude in private, in public.
Then one day I came home from work very tired. I only wanted to put on my nightie and get into bed. But it was a hot summer day and evening, and I was sweaty, so I showered first–which is obviously the one thing I consistently did naked, though I never gave that any thought.
I came out of the shower and dried off. I wasn’t sweaty anymore, but I was exhausted. I just collapsed on the bed, too tired to even notice that I hadn’t troubled to put anything on. I fell asleep in minutes.
as soon as I woke up, I was somewhat surprised to realize that I had not only had I slept bare the whole night, but it was the very best night’s sleep I ever had. The following night, I wasn’t so tired–but I couldn’t quit thinking about how good it felt to sleep nude. So I chose to try it on purpose this time.
I got into bed naked, and it felt really great. I slept well again that night, and in the morning I felt so comfortable and relaxed that I didn’t desire to get up and get dressed. But of course I had to.
From there, it was a rather short time till I was normally bare when home alone, because it felt so good. I felt a little bit guilty for awhile because it went against everything I were taught since childhood. However, the comfort outweighed the remorse.
However, the concept of letting other women see me naked in public–much less guys!– never crossed my mind. I still had some Jewish modesty. Fully being a Californian, from the greater LA region, I’d heard of nude beaches. But I ‘d no desire to visit one.
Being a great Californian though, I did spend a lot of spare time on the shore in the summer–always wearing a bathing suit, naturally. And one day, while I was shifting out of my wet and sandy bathing suit, I started to think about how great it felt to take it away. And the more I thought about it, the more I started to ponder the prospect of skinnydipping.
One really hot Sunday in August, I made a brave decision: I was going to find out if I had the nerve to beat my strait-laced upbringing. I got into my car and drove south to San Diego, and parked at the cliff over Black’s Beach. For almost 20 minutes, I sat in the vehicle, trying to work up enough nerve to make the climb down to a place where I knew I would see nude women and men. I nearly didn’t go. Jewish guilt was taking hold of me.
But as I began to turn the key to drive away, I really couldn’t do it. I was ascertained that the time I spent driving down there was not going to be wasted. I’d come to see a nude beach, and I was not going to leave without seeing it.
Slowly, I started to walk down the trail to the beach. Actually that’s the only way you can do it, but I was going slower than needed. Finally, I reached the base, and could barely believe what I was seeing. There were lots of men, most of them nude. There were women in all phases of dress and undress. There were families with young kids.
I found an uncrowded place and put my towel down, and sat down on it, having no notion what I was really going to do next. Part of me wanted to pull everything off and go running into the ocean. Part of me felt terrible for being in such a spot.
I shut my eyes, and thought, and thought some more. The idea of taking off my clothes in front of beach party fuck –how could a nice Jewish girl do that?

We continue publishing stories shared by our female subscribers – young naturist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time

But there were other women there, and they took their clothes away, and they had no issue with letting guys see them.
The ocean seemed increasingly more inviting. The guilt weighed on me. Even if I stayed clothed, simply being in such a location and seeing such sights was erroneous. For almost an hour, I was torn. I went back and forth–and eventually, the ocean won. If it was a sin to be here anyhow, it couldn’t be any worse of a sin to participate. If these folks saw me naked, they wouldn’t be seeing anything they hadn’t seen before.
Immediately, before I could think again and change my mind, I stripped. I took everything away, and ran into the ocean. As the waves washed over me, it washed the guilt away. I felt amazing. I was skinnydipping in public, in mixed company, and enjoying it completely. I came out of the ocean, and also the feeling of not wearing a wet sandy bathing suit felt terrific.
From that minute on, I was a new individual. I am still a traditonal Jew. I eat only kosher food, and I don’t drive on the Sabbath. I still visit the synagogue on Sabbaths and Festivals. But I’m a Jewish nudist, and I really like it.

My first time with any kind of “real” nudity was hanging out at my

grandparents’ house wearing just a towel on a weekend when the only clothes we brought along were being washed. My brother and I were goofing around and sitting on the front stairs of their fairly big house (a Ohio farmhouse with many additions over an equivalent variety of years), and I certainly remember discovering how “cool” it felt when the wind blew under my towel.
Hmmm, what’s this strange and wonderful sensation? Years later I recall going back to my room to change into pajamas and instead returning to the living room wrapped just in a soft comforter. were both still awake and I joined them by returning to sitting in a rocking chair we’d at the time. I felt as “sneaky” as could be and as if I was getting away with something even by being nude underneath the comforter.
All of these early experiences led up to a desire to being MORE naked, more frequently in more manners; manners I had just barely begun to envision.

We continue publishing stories shared by our subscribers that are female – young naturist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time
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So, in my middle teens I ordered some trade paperbacks on nudism from a wholesale book publisher and these really and truly enlarged my understanding of the potentials for going naked socially!!! Before I even tried it I had this idea that I would “love” it more than anything else I ‘d done in life, and that this new found preconception would carry me past any kind of bookings or nervousness I might have about undressing.
The smiling individuals of all ages in my novels seemed click and joyful that I actually wondered what I had been missing out on for many years! My whole life up to then judging by the ages of the youngest children in these photos, and I felt like this was a portion of life being actively “concealed” from me! I really don’t think a short skinny-dip with my brother and a friend actually counted, although it was fun and we also did some naked experimentation in sleeping over at the friend’s house on weekends; nothing more than curious exploration of possibilities for NOT wearing garments.
White Tail Park (afterward, “Resort” now) was my first organized societal launch and it could not have been a better time! This was in the late 1980’s, Springtime and on a well attended weekend with RVs, campers, day visitors and permanent residents all present. It was an experience equalling my readings, imagination and expectations and so I was blessed for such a great introduction.