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March 23, 2008 – 10:16 pm

hi i am 19 and have enjoyed nudism for a year now, i have kept it secret from my family and friends and just stay nude in my flat on my own or with my girlfriend. but... when i went to visit my parents the other day uninvited, they answered the door nude. Bit of a surprise but not embarrasing. They let me in and said they saw me coming to the door. They said they just quickly decided they were going to tell me they were nudists and have been for 5 years. i didnt have a clue. as i am a nudist as well it was a bit strange and didnt let them know i was a nudist, i feel confortable around them because they are my parents and it is natural to be naked, especially around family but im not sure, do you think i should tell them i am a nudist and ask to join them sometimes? please give your views and any similar stories you have etc. thankyou keith


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March 23, 2008 – 10:14 pm


  1. I think had my mother lived till I became a full-fledged nudist, she might have joined me. Knowing my father as I think I did, it would not have been an issue as he never accepted my lifestyle even though he was a psychologist. Happily, my older sister took to it as easily as I did. If I had found out my parents were also nudists, it would have been fantastic. Definitely let them know you are also a clothes-free person. Cheri Doing what I can to positively promote nudism
  2. don't let this opportunity pass you by let them know now so you as a family can enjoy nude beaches and clubs together. when my mother found out years ago about my family being nudist she related that when we lived in michigan they had many nudist friends who were always inviting our family to nudist gatherings,which she said she wanted no part of,i'm sure if it would have been a majority vote by all of us kids and dad she would have been overuled and my introduction to nudism would have started around age 5 or so instead of in my 30's.i admire your spirit young nudist are the minority ,i say go for it.
  3. hi iam 19 i live with my dad and brother whos 16 we have always been nudists we walk round the house nude all the time me n my brother share a room and we both sleep nude . we go to nude beaches and clubs its great =] we spend more time nude than when were clothed
  4. I'm a parent of two small children but don't walk around them naked yet. They are free to run around naked just the wife is still hesitent about me being naked in front of them. They've seen me naked just not for long periods of time. My Mom knows I like to be naked only because the last time the family went out to our camp for the weekend I got a good buzz worked up and asked if I could walk around naked. She said it was fine but I still don't feel my dad and brothers and sister would accept it. Hopefully one day they are fine with it and I can just be naked for the weekend in the woods.
  5. wow thats great that your parents are nudist,join them, so far im the only nudist in my family ,wife knows but that about it,i have been nude in hot tub with daughter,she is a young adult,but jets are on and i stay in water ,and she knows we go to nude beaches,would love for wife and daughter to join in
  6. man keith why is it only you that are so lucky? I'd give anything for my family to join but they don't even let me go around the house in my underwear (I'm a male too for God's sake). Body shame reigns with the iron fist here
  7. We told our daughter's and their husbands several years ago............... still waiting and hoping for them to tell us they are as well! Tell them.......I don't even know your parents and I'd bet they'd be very happy to hear you're a nudist as well.
  8. Keith, Invite your parents to join us on the message board here. It would be great to get their story and see why they took so long to tell the kids. Diger
  9. Ah- The mystical, unicorn-like, ever-elusive game of naked twister. How few of us have actually had a chance to play this game, America's favorite typical nudist cliche. Imagine how lucky this guy was to play naked twister with his parents the very first time they got nude together. How totally incredible. Exquisitely unbelievable. Literally.
  10. I have played naked twister before...with some very close friends and after a few drinks. I would be comfortable naked with my parents, but twister would not be something I would feel comfortable in the least with my parents. Buck M "If it`s so dirty to be naked, why do we get naked to get clean?" - Bryan Maloney
  11. Filet of troll...I'll take a slice! I'm glad Admin said it, cause I sure was thinking it.


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