The rhetoric of the nudism and anti-nudism movements emphasizes freedom from many of the normal constraints which regulate human interaction in naturist settings, although for different reasons. Using data from French and German shores, this hypothesis was examined using five distinct indicators. As a subculture, nudists would appear to differ from nonnudists solely within their inclination to like to sunbathe in the nude. Their nude status would seem to have none of the de-inhibiting effects frequently attributed to nudism. By contrast, clear ethnic differences between German and French cultures are shown consistent with Hall’s high low circumstance distinction and the Francoeurs’ hot-cool sexuality continuum.[14]

Naturist facilities

At naturist organised events or venues clothing is normally discretionary, except by swimming pools or sunbathing lawns where entire nudity is anticipated, weather allowing. This rule is sometimes a source of controversy among some naturists. Staff at a naturist facility are generally required to be clothed due to health and safety regulations.[8]

Facilities for naturists are classified in various manners. A landed or members’ naturist club is one that owns its own facilities, while non-landed (or traveling) clubs meet at various locations, like private dwellings, swimming pools, hot springs, landed clubs and resorts, and leased facilities. Landed clubs can be run by members on democratic lines or by one or more owners who make the rules. In any case, they can determine membership standards and the duties of members. This usually includes sharing work required to preserve or develop the site.[15]
Families swimming nude at a hot spring in Taiwan

UK clubs are now required to have child-protection policies in My lovely wife and I and 6 other couples that are good friends have been going to the , and designated child-protection officers.

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Many clubs encourage regular social activities.[citation needed]

The international naturist organizations were predominantly composed of representatives of landed clubs.[1] Nudist colony isn’t any longer a favorite term, but it’s used by naturists as a term of derision for landed clubs that have rigid non-inclusive membership standards, and in meta data on naturist sites.

A vacation center is a facility that specializes in providing apartments, chalets and camping pitches for seeing holidaymakers. The centre is run commercially, and visitors are not members and have no say in the management. Most holiday facilities anticipate visitors to hold an INF card, that’s, be an associate of their national organization, but some have relaxed this constraint, relying on the carrying of a trade card. Holiday centres can be quite modest, just a few hectares or substantial occupying over 300 hectares.[f] In a big holiday center there will be swimming pools, sports pitches, an entertainment program, kids’ clubs, restaurants and supermarkets. Some holiday centers permit regular visitors to buy their own chalets, and generations of the same families will see each year.[5] Vacation centres are more kind of clothing than members-only clubs; absolute nudity is usually compulsory in the swimming pools and may be anticipated on the shores, while on the football pitches, or in the restaurants in the evening, it’s rare.[5]

A naturist resort is, to a European, an essentially urban development where naturism is the norm. Some residents use these resorts as a year-round dwelling.[citation needed]

In US use, a naturist resort can mean a vacation centre.[18]

Freikrperkultur (FKK) literally translated as ‘free body culture’ is the name for the general movement in Germany. The abbreviation is widely recognised throughout Europe and regularly discovered on everyday signs showing the direction to a distant naturist beach.
Nude beaches

In some European nations, such as Denmark,[19] all beaches are clothing optional, while in others like Germany there are naturist sunbathing areas in public parks, e.g., in Munich[20] and Berlin.[21] Beaches in some vacation destinations, such as Crete, are additionally clothing-optional, except some central urban beaches.[22] There are two centrally located clothes-optional beaches in Barcelona.[23]
Naturism and sports
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