My history without clothing has been long but fairly unpredictable.

As I read in this forum, there are many who have been comfortable with nudity since childhood.
That was definitely not possible for me in the quite traditional dwelling in which I was raised. I do remember quite vividly my first encounter.

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When I was 13, our family was trailor camping in a forest in the south of England. It was a wonderful morning and I was up before anyone else. I stepped outside in the dewy morning in my pajamas and discovered a path leading away into the woods. The temptation was too great. Once I was out of sight, I took off all my clothing and ran naked through the forest. It turned out to be a fabulous feeling! Regrettably, it wasn’t an encounter I really could duplicate easily. As I grew through my teen years, there was no possibility of being nude at home or in the back yard.
I ‘d to be met wearing brief underwear and I’d sometimes lie on a towel in the lawn. My mother was not thrilled, but did not say too much. Some years after, I was married and I remember with great fondness a day when my young bride and I walked nude in a field. It turned out to be a fantastic feeling of freedom, but not one which has been repeated frequently. Over time, I’ve seen Wreck Beach once I was visiting Vancouver. There I found people quite receptive and accepting. Unlike many I ‘ve read around in this forum, I didn’t have any hesitation about taking off my clothing with strangers. It was a very freeing experience. I remember once lying across a log from a young woman and a couple of young men who were having a dialogue.
They were totally normal in the things they discussed although they and I were naked. I thought what a great awareness of self confidence each individual revealed, particularly the young woman. Maybe that’s what a lot of people lack, the self confidence and positive self image to be themselves even when they are clothed. russian nudist are grown now so my wife is much more accepting of my being nude around the home and in the lawn. She grins at me and recognizes that when I have really been able to lie in the sun naked for an hour or so, I’m so much more relaxed. She says, “If this is what it takes for you to be relaxed, I am for it”. This implies that it’s o.k. for me to be naked and have no tan lines.
She doesn’t especially share my excitement. For those who are easily able to be naked and free at home, the beach or the club, love that liberty. Not all individuals are able to experience that degree of freedom and love being comfortable within their very own skin, whether they’re nude alone or with others.


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    my name is jason im 21 and i love older women..

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    Sue, we really do miss you–you are soooo gorgeous.


    Give it up Go away. Collect coins.

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