My first trip to a nudist resort was neither random nor spontaneous.

It was a thoroughly researched and planned endeavour. I had been at the nude beach, and was ready for the nudist social landscape. Sure, we were bare at home quite often; but the prospect of interacting with nude strangers did not enthrall her. She’d even turned down a skinny dipping excursion using a friend; and it just would have been the three of us in her secluded pool. My goal became clear: to “sell” a completely stress-free clothes-optional experience to my wife.
So I called the local resort with special questions: how active was the resort during the springtime, how clothes-optional was it for first-time visitors. And I found out the resort was pretty “slow” on weekdays between March and May, and that first-timers were enabled to be clothing-optional.
We arrived on a weekday morning; I believe femdom beach was in May. We checked in to an extremely friendly manager. We returned to our auto; I promptly tossed off my clothing, my wife chosen for a buttoned summer dress. We walked around, exploring the grounds; there were maybe four or five members there, likely residents. We went for a short walk on one of the trails; and that’s when I suddenly realized that she had unbuttoned her dress. She had discovered the feeling of the cool morning wind! That was really the sole target I’d set that day; for her to at least find some value to resort nudism. And she had. But the real turning point was when we seen the hottub place; at that point she was sold: she wanted to get in the hottub. We got in, relaxed for a little while and chose to call it a day. But her perspective leaving the resort was notably distinct from our entry; whereas she was apprehensively clutching her dress out first few minutes there, she was now walking back to the auto with only her towel wrapped around her hips.
That was enough to make it a successful day, as she walked away with a positive outlook on resort nudism.

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